Tim Seeley和Newsarama的訪談,節錄和夜翼有關的:


Nrama: What was it that made you want to sign this particular deal? What makes them a good fit for you?

Seeley: It’s definitely weird how good it’s been. When I started at DC, I worked on Batman Eternal, the first one, as far as the writing goes. So I was under the tutelage of Scott Snyder,  and editor Mike Marts was there at the time and that particular group has changed editorially as Mark Doyle is there now, Rebecca Taylor is my editor, but I like those people. James Tynion IV, Tom King, Scott... just having worked with those guys for so long, it’s just feels natural to work with the best now. To get to work on Dick Grayson, even though they switched the title and scenario, it was a more natural accumulation. I didn’t have to go through a lot of crazy research and figuring stuff out that a lot of "Rebirth" writers had to to get that classic feel. I felt like we were doing all of that in Grayson.

Nrama: Let’s talk about Nightwing for a minute because you’re back on it as part of DC's "Rebirth." You have a history with this character, so who is Dick Grayson to you?

Seeley: Dick Grayson was the first action figure I ever got. He came with my Spider-Mobile instead of Spider-Man when I was four years old. That character has represented to me the sort of leveling up, but still maintains his cheery and bright outlook. That’s something that I relate to a lot as everybody goes through a dark time in the lives at some point but being able to always keep your chin up and never lose your moral ground is something I strive to do. I think it’s therapeutic and something I think the world needs. The other thing I love about him is that he transcends genre. You can put Dick in any sort of story is that you can put him in any sort of story and he fits in well.

Every generation has grown up with Dick. If you grew up in a different time, you’ve seen him around but he’s always in a different style. From the Boy Wonder to the leader of the Teen Titans to him finally becoming Batman, it’s always new and changing for him.






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